About FirstBlood

FirstBlood is a growing group of passionate gamers, geeks, marketers, designers, streamers, engineers, community builders, and more. We're on a mission to revolutionize competitive gaming  with innovative technology and thirst for competitive fun.

We believe each gamer should have the ability to become better while being rewarded for their skill. That is why we are changing the esports industry and giving everybody a chance to go pro. 

Joe Zhou



Andy Hannon



Anik Dang


Interim COO

Luka Podlesnik



Kyle Potter



Mikko Othamaa


Member of Advisory Board

Trey Christensen


VP of Growth

Andres Valencia

"FB Nightblast"

Director of LATAM

Zach Kelman


Legal Counsel 

Emily Peel


Director of Business Development 

Nertila Bardhi


HR Manager

Laci Macmillan


HR Director

Max Richter


Head of Projects

Business Development

Meet our Team

FirstBlood is a multicultural team of amazing people. We are all working remotely from our home stations from all around the World! Below you will find our Firstblood usernamers, so feel free to connect with us on our platform!

Jan Hocevar


Front-end Lead Developer

Ziga Tartara


QA Manager

Angel Ortega


Senior Developer

Uros Marolt 


Senior Backend Enginer  

Hekuran Sahiti 

"Th3H3ck "


Domenico Di Conza 



Adrián Barrio Andrés 


Front-end Developer

Gasper Grom 


Front-end Developer

Armando Soriano 


Front-end Developer

David Beljan


Front-end Developer

Faris Seferagic


Backend Engineer

Christian Stoyanov


Backend Engineer

Timur Khalilev


Backend Engineer

Bozidar Vulicevic 


Full Stack Developer 

Guilherme Silva


Mobile Developer

Engineering Team

Kevin Foo


Product Manager

Grega Bulog


Design Team Lead

Silina Senica Pintar


UX/UI Designer

Product Team

Jordan Love


Director of Marketing

Pablo F. Silva


Marketing manager

Eli Hunt


Marketing coordinator

Olivia Richman


Content Writer

Jesica Peñaloza


CS Lead

Remy Peretti


Senior Community Manager

Vladyslav Zamai


Product Analyst/ Operations Manager 

Sherry Xia


Chinese Community Support  

Joe Fisher


Customer Support Representative 

Esteban Valencia


SA Community Manager

Angelo Sandejas 


Customer Support Representative 

Sergio Chavez 


LATAM Community Manager / Caster 

Mateusz Pawlikowski


Video Editor

Marketing, Community & Support
Firstblood Technologies, Inc.

6 Liberty Square PMB #335
Boston, MA 02109

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