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 We celebrate reading and continuous learning. For work or for life. Choose what you want to read and we'll send it to you!

Gaming Fridays

Level up together or maybe drop those spells on your colleagues. Fun guaranteed!

Health is Wealth

Lift things up and put them down, using your wellness allowance! Grab your gym membership and get to it!

Pro tier Perks

Time to level up with FirstBlood?

FirstBlood’s competitive but friendly culture is a fundamental part of what makes us who we are. From Gaming Fridays to attending events, rest assured there will be fun, and there will be competition. Are you ready to join the emerging world of esports?

Dream to Stream and Partner program

FirstBlood fundamentally believes that anyone should have the chance to go pro. If you are passionate and, desire to take the next step for your stream, community or, follower base, this is for you. We are looking to help empower you and your mission.

Work for FirstBlood

FirstBlood hosts tournament, battle and leadership boards for 300,000 gamers across the globe. Our mission is to bridge the gap of amateurs and pro gamers, making competitive gaming fun and accessible. Since 2016, we have been utilising blockchain technology to give gamers more power and to say in the eSports ecosystem.

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