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Free Fire Hits One Billion Downloads

Even though Free Fire is a bit of a new title to mobile gamers in North America, the battle royale has hit 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store.

Garena has announced an in-game special event celebration in August after their free-to-play mobile shooter Free Fire reached 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store. August is also Free Fire’s four-year anniversary.

Despite the game being four years old, Free Fire is a bit of a mystery in America. The most popular mobile battle royales in the United States include Fortnite and PUBG. But that hasn’t stopped Free Fire from becoming a major success throughout the world. In fact, it’s the first mobile battle royale game to reach 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store.

Free Fire has seen insanely fast growth over the past four years. In 2020 the game boasted 60 million daily users in March. By May, the number jumped to 80 million. In August, Free Fire had a jaw-dropping 100 million daily users. For the past two years, Free Fire has been one of the most downloaded games in the world.

And that’s not all. Fans of the game have also flocked to YouTube to watch Free Fire action. It became the third most watched game on YouTube in 2020.

Some of this viewership is thanks to the game’s flourishing competitive scene. Free Fire World Series 2020 was canceled due to COVID-19. But Garena quickly adapted with an online regional tournament called the Free Fire Continental Series. This had 2.5 million peak viewers.

Earlier this year, Free Fire had an in-person tournament called the Free Fire World Series 2021. This took place in Singapore. The views for this offline championship had more than double the peak viewers of the online tournament, with 5.4 million concurrent viewers. This is actually the all-time record for most peak viewers during an esports event.

The game’s popularity all over the world has allowed for very exciting and high-profile pop culture crossovers. This includes Street Fighter V, Attack on Titan, and One-Punch Man. Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has also been involved with Free Fire.

With the special in-game event coming in August, it looks like Free Fire shows no signs of slowing down.

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