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Halo Infinite Temporarily Removes Assassinations

Halo fans are not pleased.

Many Halo players noticed that they couldn’t pull off any assassinations during the Halo Infinite tech test. But that’s not a glitch. Developer 343 Industries confirmed that this was definitely on purpose: Assassinations have been removed.

343 Industries confirmed the removal of assassinations back in July but the tech test has solidified it in fans’ minds: It’s gone.

Assassinations are animations triggered when a player kills another enemy with a melee weapon from behind. This is a longtime staple in the Halo series that not only fans love, but the developers have a soft spot for as well. But 343 Industries still removed them due to the “gameplay disadvantage” assassinations give players while performing them.

“Assassinations are not in for launch,” senior mission designer Tom French said. “We actually really love assassinations. But what happens at a lot of levels is people just turn them off because there’s a gameplay disadvantage to it.”

Performing an assassination leaves characters vulnerable while the animation plays out. Being exposed for that period of time leaves players unable to defend against incoming attacks. That’s why a lot of people turn them off. But many people enjoy pulling off an assassination here and there because it’s a way to humiliate an opponent, much like teabagging. It’s a power move that is beyond satisfying to get away with.

So will they be back?

French explained that 343 Industries isn’t completely closed off to adding assassinations back in Halo Infinite at a later time. But that depends if the developers can figure out a way to make assassinations feel “meaningful” and are an “accessible tool.”

But Can Bots Teabag?

Despite the removal of assassinations, fans have noticed that bots seem to be “teabagging.” This seemed a bit unfair that players weren’t allowed to have similar animations.

But 343 Industries confirmed that Halo Infinite’s bots are not teabagging people. The movement is not meant to be a teabag or taunt, 343 noted, explaining that bots are meant to help players learn and experiment.

“We never want to punish learning, especially not by having bots engage in behaviours that a player could feel is exclusionary. For that reason, we don't have explicit programming that tells the bots to teabag or taunt you in any way,” developers told Eurogamer.

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