The Fighting Koalas have won $1,200

1st Place in R6 Open Series Special

Team creapatyra won $500

1st Place in Warzone Trios Battle

Team Fitness Park won $1,000

1st Place in the Salt Cup

Esports from your home station!

An automated tournament platform to track your success, earn rewards, and make your name in the competitive community.

Over 300,000 FirstBlood users are competing in Warzone, PUBG, DOTA, FreeFire, and more!

Connect your favorite games and compete!

Play games like Call of Duty®: Warzone™, DOTA2™, PUBG™ and more! Climb up the leaderboards or just hunt for the prizes now!

Earn all sorts of awesome prizes!

By competing on FirstBlood, you can earn cash, xCredits, gaming peripherals, Amazon gift cards, Dawn/DAI tokens, and more! 

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