FAQ & Rules for Betway Road to Beastcoast
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FAQ & Rules for Betway Road to Beastcoast

How do I receive cash prizes?

Betway will contact winners of each playoff to collect all the necessary information to proceed with payments

Do I need to check in before the tournament?

Yes. All participants need to confirm registration before the event starts. Bear in mind that for 5v5 events ALL team members MUST confirm registration. In case of missing confirmation team will be removed from participation list.

What game modes are there?

FirstBlood offers all sorts of bracketed tournaments in both 1v1 and 5v5 modes.

Not receiving DOTA 2 Lobby invites?

Here is an easy guide to help you with the process.

1. Click on Settings inside the Dota2 Client

2. Click on Social

3. Make sure the “Block party invites from non-friends” option is NOT selected in the Dota 2 Advanced Options panel

Accidentally blocked invites from FirstBlood bot?

Have you accidentally blocked our bot from sending you invites? That is easily fixed, and here is how to do so on a Windows machine!

1. Open C:\Steam\userdata[STEAMID]\570\remote\voice_bans.dt

2. Search for the last account id added, it should look like this [U:1:41647433] (with a different number)

3. After locating it, take the number after “1:” , in the case of [U:1:41647433] it would be 41647433. That number is a friend id, use the “add friend by id” function in dota 2 to search for the blocked account.

4.Then right-click on the profile name and click on the unignore user option.

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