Halo Infinite Adds New Cyberpunk Event
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Halo Infinite Adds New Cyberpunk Event

Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown event is coming tomorrow, January 18.

A short teaser trailer came out January 15, showing a Spartan being transported into an old arcade game, giving off an 80s Tron aesthetic. Upon entering the game, the Spartan spots some neon, holographic spikes on his helmet.

But not much else is revealed.

Despite how close the Cyber Showdown event is, 343 Industries have decided to keep the event a pretty big mystery. But that didn’t stop the community from speculating and researching. In fact, it inspired dataminers to uncover a lot of possible upcoming content.

A well-known and trusted leaker known as HaloNoticiasMX shared some information about Cyber Showdown — most importantly the cosmetics and a new game mode.

King of the Hill is allegedly coming to Halo Infinite — finally. The event will also take place in Capture the Flag, Slayer, and Attrition. There will be ten ranks players can gain, which HaloNoticiasMX found the file names of.

Rank 1 – Boring stance

Rank 2 – Weapon coating

Rank 3 – Underpants-skid-like nameplate backdrop

Rank 4 – CRAIG! (emblem)

Rank 5 – Silly visor

Rank 6 – Armor coating

Rank 7 – A little sword to dangle off your weapon

Rank 8 – A slightly less silly visor

Rank 9 – AI Color (and sadly not the best new helmet ever)

Rank 10 – Neon mohawk for your spacehat

Reaching each rank will unlock weekly rewards.

It’s currently not yet clear how the challenges will be spread out across the event. But it won’t be game-a-day style like the Christmas event, much to players’ collective relief. A lot of the included cosmetics are also free if unlocked.

There will also be cyberpunk-themed items in the store for players that don’t mind spending actual cash. This includes Synthwave Coating, which gives a fresh and futuristic feel to your armor.

It’s not clear how much these items will be. But Halo Infinite developers stated last week that in-game store prices would be reduced come Tuesday, January 18. The “Mister Chief” bundle saw major backlash from the community, with fans shocked at the $20 price tag. Since then, developers stated that prices would be reduced but it’s not confirmed what the actual reduced costs will be or what items are being impacted by the change.

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