Halo Infinite KDA Calculations
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Halo Infinite KDA Calculations

Like all first-person shooter games, all players in Halo Infinite have a KDA. But how is it calculated? Developer 343 Industries has revealed the match behind the important number.

KDA stands for kill-death-assist ratio. It measures a player’s performance in a FPS, taking your amount of kills and deaths over the course of a match. It’s often just as important as winning a game. It’s often used to determine the mechanical skills and performance level of pro players.

Despite its importance, a lot of people just don’t understand it. Throughout the history of Halo, players have asked how KDA is determined. And it’s been asked for years. So what does KDA exactly mean in Halo Infinite?

How is KDA Calculated in Halo Infinite?

KDA is calculated in Halo Infinite the same way it is in Halo 5: Guardians, explained 343 Industries. Lead Multiplayer Designer Andrew Witts said that it’s kills and assists minus your number of deaths, with assists being counted as ⅓ of a kill.

So you’ll need to know some math to find out your KDA.

At the end of a match, a number will pop up. The number is often positive and then followed by a lot of numbers after a decimal point. This is because it’s factoring assists into the equation.

While frustrating at first (if you’re not a fan of math), this is a pretty good change from past Halo entries. Assists are quite common, where you get an enemy down to a sliver of health only to have a teammate take the final, fatal shot.

“We see value in telling the story of how assists contribute to the success of the overall match,” Witts told Kotaku.

Aside from Halo 5: Guardians, Halo Infinite’s KDA score is calculated quite differently from previous titles. Most were just KD, meaning assists weren’t considered. In Halo 3, for example, players simply took their kills and then subtracted their deaths, getting their KD. This created a round number at the end of the match.

This change to KDA is a nod at older Halo titles. It’s just another way that Halo Infinite continues to find ways to improve the series from graphics to gameplay. Halo Infinite is coming to Xbox and PC on December 8, allowing Halo fans to work on their KDA (and maybe figure out the math).

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