Halo Infinite Lead Multiplayer Designer Leving 343
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Halo Infinite Lead Multiplayer Designer Leving 343

Halo Infinite’s Lead Multiplayer Designer left the project earlier this week.

On March 4, Andrew Witts tweeted that it was his last day at 343 Industries. He joined the team in 2019, overseeing Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode.

“It’s been an honor leading the MP design team over these years. Thank you to all the Halo fans for your feedback over the years. We made this game for you,” Witts said.

According to Witts’ tweet, the designer is taking a break from working to “relax and recharge.” It’s not yet clear what his next move will be.

Earlier this year, Halo Infinite’s Lead Narrative Designer Aaron Linde left the project for Riot Games. Project Director Chris Lee left in 2020 and Tim Longo, the Creative Director, left back in 2019. At that time, the development team told fans that it was the usual turnover, meaning nothing crazy was happening behind the scenes a la Activision Blizzard.

“I don’t have a specific concern about 343. I think, in the long run, turnover is a healthy thing because we want people who are really motivated by the things that they’re working on,” Phil Spencer said in an interview.

It’s unclear why Witts left but some fans have assumed it’s due to the toxicity of the Halo community. Fans of the shooter have been notoriously outspoken about things they dislike, which is typical of most video game communities at the moment if we’re behind honest. Sometimes Halo fans will even lash out at developers if they don’t like a change or feel something isn’t being addressed.

One fan on Twitter even said: “[The Halo fanbase is] toxic for a reason. 343 has driven this franchise to the brink of failure. Bungie built a foundation with infinite potential, no pun intended. 343, Microsoft, or whoever, has completely driven it into the ground.”

Witts didn’t comment on this controversial take.

Despite losing another big developer, the Halo Infinite team has major things planned. There was a lack of content updates the past few months but the team has shared some content plans for Season 2, revealing the season’s theme, maps, and game modes. Season 2 is launching in May with a new Big Team Battle map, bug fixes, and more.

Unfortunately, this won’t include co-op campaign modes or Forge mode.

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