Vangaurd Shotgun Class Might be Broken
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Vangaurd Shotgun Class Might be Broken

One of the Vanguard weapons introduced to Call of Duty: Warzone is frustrating players beyond belief.

When Call of Duty: Vanguard launched, weapons from the World War II-era game were also available in Warzone, the free battle royale. Developers introduced two battle royale versions, one with Vanguard weapons and one without. But players could only experience the new vehicles and other upgrades if they chose the version with the Vanguard weapons, prompting many to select this version instead.

This means that many players have had the chance to use the new Vanguard weapons, including the Double Barrel Shotgun. On its own, this weapon isn’t too troublesome. But players have started to find ways to make the Double Barrel Shotgun an oppressive weapon that has basically broken the game.

In a heavily popular Reddit post, one player showed off just how deadly double wielding the Double Barrel Shotgun could be.

The video was seen as “very compelling” evidence that the weapon was broken, featuring a build that seems to be much too powerful for the game. The player behind the video responded with the exact build for others who want to re-create the monstrosity: Full choke, sawed off, removed stock, incendiary, akimbo, fully loaded, fabric grip.

Some responded that they have decided to level up the weapon immediately. But others noted that it was pointless to waste time leveling up a weapon that will be nerfed. To get this exact build, players will have to acquire the blueprint and grind a bit to meet the XP requirements. It’s luckily not too easy to get this exact build running — but many players will no doubt be working towards it immediately.

Other players were angry that players would “take advantage” of a weapon that’s so powerful and takes so little skill. The weapon was called “disgustingly broken” by many. While they were mad that players would choose to use such an OP weapon, they felt the real problem was with the developers who let this happen.

“They were insane for having dual pistols. But now shotguns? There’s no way that sat in the office and thought this was a good idea,” a player wrote.

Raven Software has not responded to the mounting criticism of the overpowered weapon. Developers have nerfed powerful weapons in the past, but it often took quite a bit of time. This allowed the powerful weapons to overtake the meta for months. Hopefully this won’t happen again with this new shotgun build.

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